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Simple Barn-Style Roof Overhangs


Donald J. Berg, AIA


It’s always best if a building’s roof extends out past the line of its walls.  An overhang of even just a few inches will push the flow of rain runoff away from walls, doors and windows, and make them all more durable.


Here’s a simple, easy-to-build roof overhang that looks good and works well on barns, garages and sheds:  Download and Print Construction Details >>>



This design makes sure that, at the building’s corners, trim and fascia boards on the eave side overhangs meet those on the gable end overhangs at right angles. Ninety degree joints are easy to handle with straight saw cuts or forty-five degree bevel cuts.  There’s no need for fancy carpentry at corners. The gable end overhangs are created with a few extra 2x4s, nailed flat to the outside roof rafters, instead of elaborate ladder-like frames and flying rafters.





Architect Don Berg's designs, interviews and articles have appeared in Country Magazine, Equine Journal, Country Extra, Yankee Home, Traditional Building Magazine, Mother Earth News, Grit and many other publications.



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