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10'x14' All-Purpose Storage Shed Plans


This design adds almost eighty square feet of convenient loft storage space to an already generous floor area. It's window is located high to allow tool storage or a workbench along the side wall. It's planned for your use for garden tool and lawn tractor storage, but it's big enough for a variety of uses. Add French doors and screens and you'll have a pretty cabana or backyard office. Insulate it and add electricity and you'll have a great hobby shop or crafts studio.



The free building plans are for simple, 2x4 stud frame construction on a permanent and durable concrete slab foundation. The downloadable blueprints include a framing plan, a framing section, exterior elevations and construction and finish details. The details include door building diagrams, but any of a variety of prefab doors can be used on the shed. You can print a building materials list below.


These drawings are intended for experienced builders and do not include step-by-step building instructions. However, this is a fairly simple and straight-forward structure. With a little patience and the help of a good stud-frame construction guide book, you may be able to take it on yourself.


Options:  This shed can be built with a variety of exterior materials. This design is great if you want to match the appearance of your home, garage or other backyard structures.


Dimensions:  Shed Floor Area: 140 SF

Heights: Shed Ridge Height - 13'-0", Shed Side-Wall Height - 7'-4", Shed Ceiling Height - 7'-4", Storage Loft Height at center: 3'-0", Roof Pitch: 12/12

Mean Roof Height: 10'-2" (Most Building Departments will accept the Mean Roof Height as the overall height for sloped roof buildings)

Doors: Double doors are 3' wide and 6'-8' high each.


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You'll have almost immediate access to your plans on an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file that you can print on your computer's printer. You'll need a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have one already, you can download a free copy now.


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Have all plans reviewed by your building department or by an experienced building professional who knows local conditions before you purchase materials or start to build. The design and the plans may have to be modified by a local professional to suit your site's conditions, building and zoning codes and weather requirements.


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