Free Furniture Plans from Amateur Woodworker Magazine

Get started at woodworking with easy project plans from Amateur Woodworking Magazine.

Find free and easy-to-build, DIY furniture plans at Amateur Woodworker Magazine.


Amateur Woodworker stands out as the only magazine that is aimed at amateurs, not professional, woodworkers. They offer an archive of easy-to-build woodworking plans like the ones listed below. Included with each project will be the plans necessary to complete the projects, as well as a detailed description of how to construct the item.


Coat Rack
Designed to fit in a small hallway when a coat closet isn't an option.


Compact TV Stand
This TV Stand is designed to take up as little space as possible.


Curved Bedside Cabinets
Make more interesting bedside cabinets by adding a curve or two


Baby Changing Table
Changing tables are wonderful, but very expensive. Building your own saves a lot of money.


Quilt Hanger
A very simple project allowing you to hang quilts on the wall.


Mission-Style Lamp
A weekend lamp project that doesn't require a lathe.


Picture Frame
A frame that provides a sense of depth to the picture within.


Entertainment Center (basic)
An "open plan" entertainment center with no doors or hidden features.


Entertainment Center (advanced)
A small Entertainment center that hides everything but the TV itself.


Ergonomic Stool
Good for your back when stuck in front of a computer, and easy to store away


Twisted Lamps
These lamps were built with just two power tools: a jigsaw and a drill.


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